How it started

This service started as an idea/favour back in September 2017 when we moved from our previous address down the street to our new address and showroom, gallery and shop at 67 George Street Moffat Beach.

We (me, my wife and family) have made Moffat Beach our home over 16 years ago.

We decided that we were going to be in this new studio for as long as we can and committed to make what the real estate agent called “The Red Monster” (as it was an odd shaped building painted bright red) into a showpiece to draw attention and uplift the area to match the great businesses that are in this unique area of the Sunshine Coast.

After our renovation, we needed to start and let people know where we are and produced a DL sizes leaflet with our location showing our shop and Ocean art Gallery.

We filled one side of this brochure and had a blank side to fill or leave blank at the same price – so we decided to fill the opposite side with a map of the area and listed pins and businesses that we knew – without their knowledge and did this for free.

Little did we know that this was the seed of this this loyalty program to reward local people to use local businesses.

Our motivation was not money – as we know how hard it is for businesses to promote themselves. Being in the advertising/printing and website business myself thought to do something about it – locally and old-school.

We were overwhelmed by support from local businesses that we spoke to about what we planned to do. We wanted to keep the price to advertise at as bare minimal as possible. Call us crazy. But that’s what it is all about – people helping people. Old-school.

We have launched with a 3-tier approach to help connect customers to business.

1).  Printed Area map – designed in a classic retro old-school look – on the other side displays advertisers plus local area information for visitors and locals.

2). Mobile website that reflects the same to make it easy for customers to find participating businesses.

3). Including a loyalty card that customers can easily carry or share with a mate. Customers can show this card to businesses to get a unique discount or gift from the business. This also lets the business know where their customers are coming from. A Win/Win for both.