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We love our Moffat Beach area, being a local business ourselves for over 16 years we are surrounded by other great local businesses and trades that many people don't know about in this unique area.
We want to share & promote these local businesses with residents and visitors so that EVERYONE BENEFITS.

Get Back to Basics

It goes without saying that the best form of advertising is Word of Mouth – do a great job for a customer then people come back again and again and also refer you to their friends. But how do people know you are there in the first place!

The next best thing is LOYALTY – Businesses get repeat customers who are rewarded for their loyalty and made special and proud to be local. We offer cheap listings and encourage listed businesses to offer rewards to customers that mention Moffat Map or show the Loyalty Card. The reward can be anything you want – a discount, offer, extra service, a gift, bonus etc – just make the customers feel special. Bringing customers through your door that you wouldn’t normally have.

Our Audience


We are tackling advertising it in 3 ways

printed retro map

Printed Local Map

Get taken home

We print and distribute 5000x  handy A3 size local map in a cool retro style with local business listings and are information. These are distributed FREE in the Dicky, Moffat and Shelly Beach area.

Due to space restrictions, advertising is limited to just 65 business listings charged at $77 inc GST which lasts for 6 months. We will reprint every 6 months with updated new listings and information. Advertising on this printed map are strictly on a first in/first served basis. Businesses that purchase a listing on this map will get a FREE website listing for 6 months.  Read more here


Mobile Website

Get found 24/7

We want businesses to be easily found 24/7. So, why should people use OUR website directory instead of others like YellowPgs or LocalD etc ?. because customers only want to look for a business who is close to them or offer discounts.

We offer listing packages for Businesses that just want to list their business or we encourage and promote those businesses that offer a reward to customers that mention Moffat Map or show the Loyalty Card. Listings start at $55 for 12 months. What do you get for $50 these days especially when it comes to advertising?

loyalty card

Loyalty Card

See results & proof

Businesses want to see if their advertising works. Customers also like to have something tangible to carry with them. So, we have produced a FREE loyalty card where customers present to participating businesses to receive a reward. The loyalty card is attached inside the printed map.

Cards can also be picked up FREE from our local office in Moffat Beach.


Community Centred

Involvement & connection

LOYALTY means “a strong feeling of support or allegiance” Our goal is connecting local residents, visitors and businesses. We have social Moffat Instagram, community Facebook forums for local information, events, issues and photos.

We have aimed to keep our advertising prices down to a bare minimum and we can only do this because of low overheads to make it easy for businesses to afford.

Ready to add your business
for just $55 - 12 months?

We are only currently accepting business listings in Dicky Beach, Moffat Beach and Shelly Beach.

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