Salty Souls Legacy

Our aim at Salty Souls Legacy is to help underprivileged kids and teens get out into the water, surf and try to heal through the power of the ocean, both mentally and physically.

Salty Souls Legacy, is a not for profit organisation which began with a dream to offer vulnerable children a surfboard of their own. (All profits from our apparel & merch feed back into our cause).  Sparked by the memory of our Salty Soul brother, Tyler. Tyler Kennedy was the saltiest of souls and he lived to be in the water. His legacy will see vulnerable kids and teens be given the same opportunity and to be a part of our surfing culture.  We had noticed there was a range of “surf experiences” for these kids, but unfortunately that’s where it usually ends. We wanted to create something more than a once off experience for young people who have already had it tough enough. We wanted to create an outlet for them to be able to surf when they want to surf, because anyone who has surfed, knows that it can heal your body and mind and can aid in mental health recovery. Most children and teenagers who live in foster care or come from disadvantaged backgrounds, simply cannot afford surfboards. We wanted to create a way to make their dream to surf come true.

Our aim is to keep Ty’s Spirit Alive. The “Salty Souls Legacy” will be doing organised collections from coast to coast throughout the year of pre-loved surfboards, boogies, leg ropes, wax, sunscreen, rashies, wetsuits and anything else that can help underprivileged kids take a board of their own out into the water. Many children in need have been through hell and back. Surfing is an outlet for them and our aim is to not just give them a chance to surf, but a chance to heal. Be Immersed!

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