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Our groovy retro styled printed area map

We print 5000 of our local area map every 6 months. Distributed throughout the local area and accommodation and businesses. Businesses that are listed on this printed map get 6 months FREE website listing.

We print and distribute 5000 of our groovy old school local maps every 6 months to shops, businesses, residents and accommodations in Moffat Beach, Dicky Beach and Shelly Beach.

Limited Listings

Due to the space, we are limited to approximately 65 business listings – which lasts for 6 months until the next edition re-print. This is on a first-in/first-served basis until listings are filled. Listing on the map are $77 inc GST and include a FREE website listing for 6 months. You can pre-book to be in the next print run only if pre-paid.

Special Offer

Businesses that purchase the $77 Inc GST line listing space for 6 months on the map will also get a FREE website listing for 6 months.

Business Locations

Each business listing will be listed with a pin located reference number on the large printed map for easy reference as well as a FREE easy to find website listing for 6 Months – If you don’t have a website, you can use this as their website. – a very cheap alternative!


The brochure/Map also includes local popular information like Bike Tracks, Walking Tracks, Dog Friendly Beaches, Turtle Tracks and Community and Social Links.

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We have created a step by step breakdown of features and How-to to help you understand the listings & their features.

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